viernes, 21 de noviembre de 2008

Winds of Change

We live in a historical moment of global change.
This change has been provoked by the excess, greed, and selfishness of a handful of rich people, resulting in a world economy crash.

And now, these thieves and speculators have meet to decide our planet’s future, whilst we must remain on standby, watching them playing with our future.

This is the perfect moment to think about our lives. To think about how we live our lives; think about the life of all those who don’t have what we have; it's the time to think about how we can change what's around us.

It's the perfect moment to redefine the global order starting with ourselves: by changing our uncontrolled consumption habits into moderation, our selfishness into cooperation, not seeking self benefit but justice, protecting the environment and the right to education, and rediscovering our moral principles

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